Timothy Hero


Jackie Bienski

Director of Sales

Balerie Ramirez, CESP

Escrow Officer

Rebecca Luna

Branch Manager/Escrow Officer

Jesse Jurado

Escrow Officer

Judy Ortiz

Escrow Officer 

Aubrey Smith

Escrow Officer

Thomas McNew

Escrow Officer Supervisor

Sandra Janousek

Escrow Officer

Paula Bacon

Escrow Officer

Jackie Kille

Escrow Officer

Tabitha DeLauro

Escrow Officer

Karen Cook

Escrow Officer

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What are the Benefits to Title Insurance?

For lenders, a mortgagee title insurance policy protects the lender from a loss incurred, up to the loan amount, in financing a piece of real estate resulting from an invalid or inferior lien position. A mortgagee title insurance policy allows the lender to originate...

What is Title Insurance?

Title insurance is an insurance policy that covers the insured party against losses, up to the policy amount, resulting from disputes over the rightful ownership of a piece of real estate property. No title company can guarantee that a purchaser of real estate...

Closing Process 101

STEP 1: Starting the Process A purchase contract is signed by the buyer and seller and delivered to the closing agent, along with earnest money (check). The escrow is accepted by the escrow agent, often by written notation on the contract. The escrow agent starts the...

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